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The District Council of Orroroo Carrieton collect annual rates for the many services provided to the community.

These services include waste management including an annual hard rubbish collection, weekly household pickup, recycling of toners and cartridges, DrumMuster, mobile phone recycling and access to refuse. 

Other services include building & maintaining roads, maintaining and managing parks & gardens, providing native trees free of charge to the community through Trees for Life, maintaining and managing playgrounds and sporting facilities, tourist attractions, footpaths and street lighting, cemeteries, public conveniences, public swimming pools, memorial halls, regulatory planning & development control, immunisation program, tourism information, car parking, environmental health matters, heritage preservation, traffic control, war memorial maintenance, and animal management programs. 

In conjunction with the Orroroo Area School the Council also helps fund the community / school library.  Australia Day Citizens of the Year ceremonies are also organised by the Council in conjunction with the Orroroo Lions Club and an Australia Day breakfast is held at the Lions Park every Australia Day.  The Council also publishes and distributes a monthly local newspaper, the "Goyders Line Gazette". 

Council rates are determined by the Council through the annual budget process. The method in which Council determines it's rates is described in the Rating Strategy within the Annual Plan.

Annual Council rates are applied to each assessment. A fixed charge and a 'rate in the dollar' amount calculated against the capital property value are charged. Council also sets an annual service fee (where applicable) for weekly roadside waste collection.

Primary producers are able to apply as a Single Farm Enterprise which allows for only one fixed charge to be applied.

Mandatory and Discretionary rebates are available on rates raised against properties owned or operated by community and charitable organisations. Eligibility criteria is detailed in Sections 159 - 166, Chapter 10 of the Local Government Act 1999. Refer the link below.

Application forms and supporting documentation must be received by 31st May in the given rating year of the initial approval and can be granted for periods up to 10 years.    

Rate Rebate - Application Form(308 kb)

The Local Government Association of South Australia produces fact sheets about Council rates and services.  To view these fact sheets, visit the LGA'S Web Site http://www.lga.sa.gov.au/goto/rates


Councils are required, by the State Government, to collect an amount specified as either the Northern & Yorke NRM Levy on all rateable properties within the District Council of Orroroo Carrieton Council boundaries. Collection occurs on behalf of the State Government via the Northern & Yorke NRM Board, which uses the funds to manage natural resources. Any queries relating to the NRM Levy should be directed to:

Northern & Yorke NRM Board

PO Box 175


Phone: 1300 558 026

Email: nynrm@bigpond.com

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