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Rural Property Addressing is a joint state and local government initiative aimed to provide all occupied rural properties in South Australia - home and business - with a nationally consistent numbered address.

Many properties are currently located on un-named roads, requiring the property owner to rely on local knowledge and reference points among emergency services personnel (and service providers like vets and livestock officers) to find their property.  Descriptions of property location are often confusing, leading to time loss and frustration.

Rural Property Addressing will end that confusion and ambuguity.

This initiative will provide a distance-based road number (based on the national standard) for the road access point to occupied properties that will assist emergency services and other service providers to find homes and businesses in regional South Australia with certainty, quickly and easily.

A rural property address consists of the distance based road number, road name, locality and postcode.

In a staged roll-out until 2011, about 55,000 occupied properties in rural South Australia will be issued with an address and information on roadside signage.  Districts with a higher emergency services risk and preparedness to proceed will be targeted for early rollout.

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Gazettal of State Roads August 2011

A requirement of the Rural Property Addressing Project was to review the Department of Transport, Energy and Infrastructure (DTEI) State Roads, which come under the care, control and management of the Commissioner of Highways.   I hereby advise that the road naming of the Mid North area of the State of South Australia have been approved by the Commissioner on the 9th August 2011.

The public  notification of these road name changes will be published in the public gazette notice on Thursday 18th August 2011 and due to be published in The Advertiser on Saturday 20th August 2011 advising that the Rack Plan showing the approved names can be viewed at the Office of the Surveyor-General, 101 Grenfell Street, Adelaide and the local council offices within the areas covered by the Rack Plan; or the Land Services web-site athttp://www.landservices.sa.gov.au/3Government/Local/_files/Mid_North_State_Roads_Rack_Plan.pdf


The revised 2012 Rack Plan has been received and is available for public comment at the above and also by following the below link

Orroroo Carrieton Rack Plan(264 kb)

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