Goyder's Line Gazette

Goyder's Line Gazette is produced in Orroroo by the District Council of Orroroo Carrieton once a month, producing 11 editions a year. It is compiled and printed within the Council office and features local news stories, sporting events written by community members for the community.

If you have a story, advert, news or out and about photos and wish them to be published, please dont hesitate to contact the Council on: 08 8658 1260 or council@orroroo.sa.gov.au

Articles are required to be sent in either Publisher or Word format. To enquire about advertising costs, please use the contact details above.


February 2013(15352 kb)

March 2013(8931 kb)

April 2013(11273 kb)

May 2013(19976 kb)

June 2013(8277 kb)

July 2013(9486 kb)

August 2013(10103 kb)

September 2013(10489 kb)

October 2013(17900 kb)

November 2013(11579 kb)

December 2013(10006 kb) 



GLG February 2014(10791 kb)

GLG March 2014(8417 kb)

GLG April 2014(12355 kb)

GLG May 2014(7056 kb)

GLG June 2014(8645 kb)

GLG July 2014(9105 kb)

GLG August 2014(9289 kb)

GLG SEPTEMBER 2014(12605 kb)

GLG OCTOBER 2014(9205 kb)

GLG NOVEMBER 2014(9818 kb)

GLG DECEMBER 2014(17478 kb)



GLG JANUARY 2015(1822 kb)

GLG FEBRUARY 2015(6706 kb)

GLG March 2015(9369 kb)

GLG April 2015(17975 kb)

GLG May 2015(9783 kb)

 GLG June 2015(3535 kb)

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 GLG August 2015(3064 kb)

GLG October 2015(7096 kb)

GLG November 2015(8855 kb)

GLG December 2015(8389 kb)



GLG February 2016(11645 kb)

GLG March 2016(7188 kb)

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GLG May 2016(5921 kb)

GLG June 2016(3629 kb)

GLG July 2016(3608 kb)

GLG August 2016(3154 kb)

GLG September 2016

GLG October 2016(3287 kb) 

GLG November 2016(4207 kb)

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GLG February 2017(5326 kb)

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GLG April 2017(3081 kb)

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GLG November 2017(9668 kb)

GLG December 2017(5143 kb)


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GLG MAY 2018(4623 kb)

 GLG July 2018(5448 kb)

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GLG November 2018(4930 kb)

 GLG December(7247 kb)


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GLG March 2019(3632 kb)

GLG April 2019(5836 kb)

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