Plans & Reports

Community Emergency Management Plan

Community Emergency Management Plan(4309 kb)

Annual Report

Annual Report 2014(2887 kb)

Annual Report 2015(1302 kb)

Annual Report 2016(2501 kb) 

Annual Report 2017(2263 kb)

Annual Report 2018(4431 kb)

Management Plans

Strategic & Community Plan 2017-2022(1158 kb)

Public Health & Wellbeing Plan(771 kb)

Southern Flinders Ranges Tourism & Events Strategy & Action Plan 2017/18 - 2019/20(1475 kb)

Roadside Vegetation Management Plan(7747 kb)

Further information on Native Vegetation can be found at the Native Vegetation Council's website:

Plan of Management relating to Dogs & Cats(817 kb)

Annual Business Plan

Annual Business Plan and Budget 2016-2017(235 kb)

Annual Business Plan & Budget 2017-2018(849 kb)

Annual Business Plan & Budget Summary 2017-2018(259 kb)

Annual Business PLan & Budget 2018-2019(961 kb)

Annual Business Plan & Budget 2019/2020(1433 kb)

Financial Reports

Financial Report 30 June 2014(2596 kb)

Financial Report 30 June 2015(6522 kb)

Financial Report 30 June 2016(886 kb) 

Financial Report 30 June 2017(1047 kb)

Financial Report 30 June 2018(2843 kb)

Asset Management Plan & Long Term Financial Plan

The District Council of Orroroo Carrieton has developed an Asset Management Plan and Long Term Finance Plan to ensure the long term financial sustainability of the Council into the future.  The Plan identifies the asset replacement needs of the Council and focuses on asset renewal.  All new assets to be developed will need to be considered in conjunction with a business case and in accordance with the Plan. 

The Plan provides an assessment on the current financial positon and the base line situation if no further action is taken by Council.  To ensure financial sustainability in accordance with the financial indicators, the Plan incorporates a financial strategy that is required to ensure the Council is sustainable.

In closing, the Asset Management Plan and Financial Strategy forms a critical part of Council’s Strategic & Community Plan. 

Long Term Finance Plan 2017-2027(590 kb)

Asset Management Plan 2017-2027(1765 kb)

Business Continuity Plan





Council has over recent years undertaken an extensive assessment of its road network and categorised all roads within a determined category assessed against the adopted Service Levels. The service level documentation and the road category listing can be found below.

If any member of the community wishes Council to review a road category then please lodge your request in writing so that it can be considered by the Works and Engineering Committee and Council formally.

Road Service Levels(929 kb)

Road Classifications March 2019(273 kb)

Elector Representation Review

Elector Representation Final Report 2017(2153 kb)

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